Beth Koenig has been working with and training police dogs since October 2005. Her high school senior project led the way to her involvement with the police K-9 units. Ever since then she has been hooked. Over the course of obtaining her bachelor’s degree in communications in Los Angeles, her love for working police dogs continued to thrive; it was there that she got involved with a protection dog sport called French Ring. During the summers between school years, she would foster a dog for a police –or- sport-orientated dog client and raise him, and she would either sell him herself or send the trained dog back to the client and the client would sell him.

She also started training pet dogs in 2007. She utilized knowledge from police dog training and ringsport dog training to make the pet dogs outstanding. Since she started her work in 2005, she has raised and trained 18 dogs for police, personal protection, and sport work, and is working on her 20th dog. She also trained with and assisted K9 search and rescue teams with obedience and tracking skills during this period.

In 2011, she traveled to Europe to continue her education in working with canines in Belgium, France, Holland, and all across Europe. She visited 12 countries and also went to many different world championships for the dog sport. She gained knowledge and experience in NVBK, IPO, Schutzhund, Mondio Ring, Belgian Ring, French Ring, and KNVP, and expanded her knowledge and exposure in French Ring and police K9 training.

Beth also has many years of experience working as a ‘training decoy’ in the bitesuit. She teaches puppies and dogs the foundation work, mechanics, and rules of proper targeting for protection work in competition, police, and personal protection work. She understands and utilizes the dedicaiton it takes to work with these dogs, and works every day at perfecting her own skills.

Previous handler and trainer of:

  • Chyta, Schh I, police dog in training, German Shepherd
  • Breyk, Schh I, German Shepherd, currently working as a personal protection dog in Half Moon Bay
  • Utz, German Shepherd, police dog in training with foundation in Shutzhund
  • AJ, Malinois, police dog in training with foundation in French Ring
  • Torro, German Sheperd in Stockton, CA, Currently working as dual purpose police K9
  • Gin,  German Shepherd, personal protection dog
  • Hella, Belgian Malinois, personal protection dog with police K9 training 
  • Emmett, Belgian Malinois, French Ring competitor
  • Hemi, Dutch Shepherd, working as a dual purpose police K9 in Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Gypsie, Malinois, explosive detection dog for the troops, worked in Afghanistan
  • Aries, Dutch Shepherd, French Ring foundation work, currently works as a personal protection dog
  • Klouse, Dutch Shepherd, currently in training with her as a French Ring dog and a police K9
  • Bady, German Shepherd, currently working as a dual purpose K9 for Greenfield, CA police dept
  • Niko, German Shepherd, bought as a guard dog for our house. We put obedience training on him and sold him to a family as a guard dog
  • Ludo (Santos), German Shepherd, in training as a police K9
  • Phalko, sold to a sport home
  • Frenzy, Malinois, personal dog owned by Beth and in training as her French Ring competition dog