Dogs in Training

Frenzy du Chenil de Chasseur

Frenzy was born April 7 2013. She is the half-sister to my Malinois AJ, listed in Trained Dogs. Her sire (same as AJ’s) is Achille du Domaine du Cameleon, FR3. I got her specifically to train as a French Ring competition dog, and if she proves to be as nice as she currently showing me she is, she will be a breeding prospect to my other dog, Klouse, in a couple of years.

Kole Mountain's Balou ("Klouse")

Klouse was born January 14, 2012. I started training him when he was 4 months old.  He is a Dutch Shepherd, bred at Kole Mountain Kennels.  He is out of Van Leeuwen’s Bor x Van Leeuwen’s Hedwig.   I was hired by a police officer to raise him to be his next police patrol K9 when his current one retired.  I recognized the potential in this dog and requested to purchase him from the officer. I bought him when he was 10 months old, and he is currently in training with me as a French Ring dog and a police K9.  His bloodlines throw very serious working police K9s, so my goal is to put a French Ring title or two on him before he comes too serious for sport.  I will keep him to start a breeding program.  He has extreme over the top hunt and retrieve drives and hunts with extreme intensity. He is neutral to strangers, and is easily triggered into a high degree of aggression when he is challenged. Hips and elbows are OFA rated and certified “excellent”.